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Heide-ErlebnisZentrum in Undeloh

Our Information house for all heath visitors

Exhibition on three floors - free entrance


.. makes it easy to experience the Lüneburg heath.

The Heide-Erlebniszentrum in Undeloh makes the heath landscape tangible and understandable. It is worth a visit all year round. The exhibition area has three floors and tells the story of the heath - from the Ice Ages until today's modern heath conservation.

The icy past explains the formation of today's landscape by ice and wind. Old peasants, shepherds and beekeepers tell their stories of the work which changed once thick forests into open heathlands. The "main actor" of this process - the common heather ("Calluna vulgaris") - takes the centre stage.

On the top floor you learn more the preservation ranging from grazing by cattle and sheep to mechanical methods as done by the management of the VNP ("Verein und Stiftung Naturschutzpark Lüneburger Heide"). The mixture of different kinds of methods is the path to blooming heathlands with great diversity.

Human interference in this landscape is a must still today in order to preserve this wild looking, yet somehow artificial landscape. It was created by man, so it has to be preserved by man!

Café and Shop "Heimatliebe"

Our "Heimatliebe" (translated: "love to our homeland") connects Café and shop area of the Heide-ErlebnisZentrum.

Wether small meals of Heidschnucke, heath potatoes or salat, all are prepared fresh with love and care. Enjoy our homemade buckwheat cake and coffee specialties sitting in our modern café or on the sunny terrace.

In the shop "Heimatliebe" you will find a big variety of nice things for visitors of all ages. Decorative living accessories, regional products, literature about the nature reserve and special souvenirs for family and friends.

Something unique are our products made out of felt: a number of useful and decorative products made out of 100% wool from Heidschnucken of VNP.

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Surrounding area

Straight behind the house the nature reserve Lüneburg Heath starts with its open heathlands and cool woods with exciting hiking, cycling and bridle paths leading through.

A visit of Wilseder Bergs, Totengrund and the heath village Wilsede are a must for every trip to the heath.

The exhibition Heide-ErlebnisZentrum is the last building next to the border of the nature reserve. The big parking lot of Undeloh is located right on the opposite side. Being member of  VNP you can park for free putting your membership card behind the front shield.

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A house with history

The so called „Seume-Haus“ was build by VNP to be a hostel for hikers "Altwandererherberge" and inaugurated on 10. August 1961. Until 1982 over 1.000 visitors stayed each year.

The four Altwandererherbergen of VNP were an idea of Alfred Toepfer: providing simple and cheap accommodation for hikers who were not allowed to stay in youth hostels because of their age (over 30). These accommodations became less important when the age restriction of youth hostels were lifted.

Until the end of 2007 the house was used as a nature info point, souvenir shop and flat.

In 2008 Lower Saxony approved in the frame of an EU promoted project the reconstruction and extension of the „Seume-Hauses“ into the visitor centre "Heide-ErlebnisZentrum". On 15. July 2009 is was inaugurated by the former environmental minister of Lower Saxony Hans-Heinrich Sander.

The project was financed by funds of the European trust for regional development within the programme "sustainable development" of the federal state of Lower Saxony.

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