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Establishment of the VNP foundation

With the establishment of the foundation "Stiftung Naturschutzpark" in 2002, VNP continued with the fundamental ideas of the founding fathers to secure the future. Till this day VNP was able to purchase or lease long-term around 90 sqkm of valuable and unrecoverabel heath-, moor- and woodlands. By this, the landscape and its cultural heritage can be operated in a sustainable manner. It can not be done in a safer way: The earnings of the foundation are invested to maintain and preserve the historic and cultural heritage of the Luneburg Heath.

During the annual general meeting in 2001 of the association Verein Naturschutzpark e.V. the establishment of a foundation was decided to secure the accomplishment of the challenging mission in future: continous care, preservation and protection of the varied landscape as well as the heritage buildings in the nature reserve Luneburg Heath. In 2002 the foundation was put into action.

Another milestone in the history of association and foundation was set at the annual general meeting in May 2007: the members votet with overwhelming majority for conveyance of all immobile property of the association to the foundation. 

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