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Wilsede - the heath village

Village centre of Wilsede, left hand Museum shop and Milchhalle, right hand Heath museum "Dat ole Huus"

The old heath village Wilsede is located right in the heart of the nature reserve. Time seems to stand still here. The village gives the impression of the quiet countryside life as it was 150 years ago with its thatched farms, tall oak trees and historic cobble-stone roads. This village is a must see for all heath visitors.

However, we like to ask for understanding: Wilsede is a living village! Most of the houses are inhabited by locals and can not be visited. 

Wilsede can only be reached by foot, by bike or with the carriage. Please park your car on one of the designated parking lots in the nature reserve.

Heath museum "Dat ole Huus" in Wilsede

The heath museum (Heidemuseum) "Dat ole Huus" in Wilsede is one of the oldest farmhouses within the nature reserve Luneburg Heath and gives drawn from life insights into the life and action on a heath farm around 1850. This house has no chimney. Cooking was done over open fire. Humans and animals were living under one roof.

Included in the entrance fee is also the entrance to the exhibition of Emhoff "Ausstellungsschafstalls auf dem Emhoff"!

Heart of the house: the hearth
The "Magd" chamber
Precious marquetry
How many people slept in the "Knechtsbutze"?

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Sheep barn of Emhoff

Once sheep were kept in this barn. In 2004 the VNP started to use the building (still called "Schafstall", i.g. sheep pen) as a location for changing exhibitions dealing with the cultural landscape of Luneburg Heath and the traditional way of work and life.

Entrance ticket is combined with the heath museum (Heidemuseum) "Dat ole Huus".

Exhibition 2015
Exhibition 2010
Exhibition 2009
2004 - first year of exhibitions

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From "Treppenspeicher" to "Naturspeicher"

In impressive pictures you can learn more about the habitat "heathland moor" in our small nature storage house "Naturspeicher".

The fascinating world of flora and fauna is depicted showing their specialization and adaptation to this specific habitat. have a closed look to Drosera and common snipe and get the feeling why there is so much more to disover that was once regarded as a "haunted and dreadful place".
Furthermore you can have a look into a historic storage house "Treppenspeicher" and marvel at the high art of manual work and craftsmanship in the construction of this building.

Free entrance!

The project "Naturspeicher Wilsede" was supported by European fund of regional development (EFRE) in 2008.

The "Emhoff"

In 1609 the "Emhoff" farm house was constructed in Emmingen east of Soltau in nothing but wood. In 1964 the house was removed and rebuild in Wilsede following Alfred Toepfer's suggestion. Since then it is used for events. It is owned by VNP and leased by the Restaurant "Zum Heidemuseum".

Every year VNP hosts a number of classical concerts. Current events you can find in our online calendar "Veranstaltungskalender".

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Impressions of Wilsede

Next to Emhoff: herb and perennial garden
Februar 2005: voluntary works help to create the Wilsede garden
Wilsede is worth a visit also in autumn
Oratory of Jakobus' way

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Guided tours and more...

Why not take a guided tour while you walk to Wilsede? Thus you can learn everything that is so special about the cultural heritage landscape Lüneburg Heath and discover so paths away from the hustle and bustle.

You like to have a tour of the museum "Dat ole Huus"? Or a guided tour around Wilsede with its number of thatched houses most of them being listed as national heitage? You want to know more about the history of the valley Totengrund or the pituresque hill Wilseder Berg?

Our trained guides will help you and show you all you always wanted to know about the nature reserve Lüneburg Heath and its characteristics!

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